Pagan Blog Project: Choice

I admit, as someone who is walking a path that fell to them, the idea of choosing ones path is… strange to me.

My reaction is pretty much as follows:

*headtilt* Choice? What is this thing you call choice and what does it have to do with spirituality?

On the one hand, I find it fascinating. I try to imagine how it might happen. How does someone choose a religion? How might I go about it? Would I read books? Close my eyes and throw darts? Ask a Ouija board? (Actually, I would not ask a Ouija board. They give me a major case of the wiggins.*)

I did not choose my religion. Though, I have a hard time thinking of myself as having a religion. I tend to think of religion as something one practices apart from daily life. I cannot do that. I tried. For a while, I tried to keep my spiritual life separate from my daily life. I was told that I was missing the point. To single out parts of my life as non-spiritual or not requiring the part of me that I try to compartmentalize as Zagreus was saying that all parts of life are not worthy of divine attention. And that is wrong. Because our domain is life. All of life. All life is sacred and worthy of my full attention, so no more compartmentalizing.

I do not view my spirituality as a choice. I tend to think of it as a function, a job. I perform my function and things go smoothly. If I do not, someone comes along to kick me in the shins to remind me that now is the time for this to happen and they are tired of waiting for me. If I try to go against my function, I break and someone comes along to help me pull myself together. If I whine about my function, well, no one cares.

(Actually, Bri cares and a certain someone tries to reason with me until I pull myself out of my mood.)

I think it may sound harsh when I speak of it like that, but most of the time there is a certain flow to it and when I am not getting in my own way, it feels right.

I just did not choose it. As cliche as it sounds, it chose me.

* Why, yes, I was raised on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. How did you know?


One thought on “Pagan Blog Project: Choice

  1. shezep says:

    Choice? Whassat? Oh yeah, it’s that thing I think I have when I’m being obstinate. I can choose to do what’s put before me, or I can choose to waste everyone’s time, including my own.

    I guess some people do get to choose where they end up. They get to read books and take advice like “follow your ancestors.” I’m just not one of those people.

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