I had a dream.

There were many marble stairs leading to  platform on which a throne sat. On the left side of the throne was a swirling pillar of white cloud. On the right, a swirling pillar of black cloud. Lightning flashed in this pillar. A robed figure was seated on the throne. It had the head of a bull. When I got close to the throne, the figure pushed back the bull’s head. Underneath the mask was a woman. Later in my dream, she grabbed my wrist, and spoke to me. Her voice was sweet but her tone was very serious.  “You are about to become a groom,” she said. “Are you ready?”

Those of you who are familiar with Tarot may have already noticed that my dream bears a striking resemblance to this card:

The High Priestess

There are even pomegranates! (Pomegranates are, predictably, sacred to us.)

I was surprised by the question. I have exchanged vows before. I have been a spouse several times. I should be able to handle this. Besides, Bri and I were already sworn together. How much could this change things?

But it did. It is hard to explain how things changed. I think, on the outside, they appear to be subtle changes, but inside, the difference is vast.

Perhaps the simplest way to explain it is the most common: where there were two, there is now one. There was a time when I would have considered our fates separate, but complementary. That time has long gone.

Now, I am more inclined to think of us as two-pieces of a wheel. You could roll half a wheel some distance, but it will get stuck eventually, unable to complete the rest of its rotation. Before I became bridegroom to Bri, I worked around this gap with other deities. If I needed to die, I went to one of them, or they came to me. If I needed to eat, others would feed me. If I need to work a fertility rite as part of the change of seasons, I was sent to someone else.

I do not get outsourced like I once did. My other half is here.



2 thoughts on “Bridegroom

  1. Hmmm…interesting dream. There are a lot of parallels with the ‘High Priestess’ card and you’ve clearly considered this and arrived at your own conclusions on this communication. There was just one thing we were wondering about…the bulls head. Do you think it was simply because of the similarity in appearance between a bull’s horns and the crescent moons, or was there more to that particular animals head?

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